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Bograch with vegetable oil (meat, potatoes, pepper, semolina dumplings) 300/30 45-00

Verkhovyna style soup (home-made sausage, beans, sour cabbage, cream) 300/35 40-00
Uzhhorod style soup (chicken filet, mushrooms, cream) 350 35-00
Chicken soup with pasta 300/35 35-00
Transcarpathian borscht 300/35 40-00
Nizhehorodska okroshka (a cold soup made from cucumber, kvass, radish, dill, egg, and meat) 300/35 40-00
Transcarpathian solyanka (mixed meat soup) 300/35 45-00

(for those keeping diet and religiously concerned)
Christmas lenten rassolnik (cabbage, cereal, mushrooms) 300 -
Mushroom soup on faith (it is possible to eat any kind of mushrooms but some of them only once) 300/45 35-00
Good appetite is better than bad sleep

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